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Find here the Resort Map (aka Property Map) for hotels in many popular tourist destinations in Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Click the top menu to browse the collection classified by destinations, or use the search tool.

How to view a Resort Map :
Click on a region in the top menu. Choose the specific destination in the sub-menu. A list of hotels in alphabetical order will appear in the right column (or at the bottom of the page on smaller mobile devices). Click on the name of the hotel (resort) to access its page. In the hotel's page, click on the preview map to display it in full size.

The image size of the resort maps varies a lot, we try to keep them within a size that would fit most screens, but some maps have so many small details that it was impossible to shrink them too much, these may take a little longer to load.

We use the term "Resort Map", but these images can also be called "Hotel Map", "Property Map", "Hotel Layout", "Orientation Map", etc.

Our intention in building this website was simply to provide a useful tool for future travellers. Most of the resort maps in our website are recent, but some are older, and some hotels have changed name (sometimes more than once). Although we are doing our best to keep this collection up to date, information contained in our website is not deemed to be always accurate or up to date.

We hope you'll find the map you are looking for! If you have a resort map that we don't have (or a more recent one) and wish to share it with the thousands of people who visit this website every day, please feel free to submit it using this form. But please don't use this form to request a missing map; if a hotel name doesn't appear or if a listing isn't highlighted with a link, it means we don't have it in our collection yet!

New maps are added frequently!


icon info Destination InfoThe islands of Antigua and Barbuda are most inviting, with a warm climate tempered by a lovely breeze. Its coastline, once considered safe harbours for the settlers, now offers numerous secluded beaches of white and pink sand for your pleasure and relaxation. Active travellers will surely be pleased with such a large array of sports, whether in the ocean or in the many verdant national reserves. The nearly unbroken coral reefs invite snorkellers and scuba divers. Antigua is the larger of the two islands. Its many historical sites and museums will fill you days with new discoveries. The little island of Barbuda is now home to one of the most significant bird sanctuaries. Divers will enjoy the several ships wrecked litter the ocean floor. Delicious meals, an exciting nightlife and great shopping opportunities are sure to complete an unforgettable holiday.

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