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The information and images posted on this website are provided for general information purposes only. You may freely browse through this website but may only access, download or use information from this website for your private use only.

Our intention for building this website is simply to provide a useful tool for future travellers. Some of the resort maps in this website are recent, some are old, and some hotels have changed name (sometimes more than once). Although we are doing our best to keep this collection up to date, information contained in our website is not deemed to be accurate or up to date. We are NOT responsible if something changes, and we shall not be liable in any way for errors or omissions in the content of this website. If you find any information on this website that you think is incorrect please , we will make the corrections.

Many of the Resort Maps displayed in our website have been given to us by the resort itself during our past trips, and many of them have been sent to us by viewers to help us built this website. It's impossible for us to verify where and when the contributors got these images, or if they modified them. We believe all images or photos displayed on our website are public, but copyrights have NOT been verified. Therefore, if we are infringing upon any copyrights, please and we will remove your copyright image immediately, unless of course you grant us permission to display it freely on our website.

We are not affiliated with any hotel chain, resort or hotel, and we are not paid to display any of the Resort Maps on our website. We are paying ourselves all costs related for building and hosting this website.

You must always contact the Resort/Hotel itself to make sure to get their latest and official property map (Resort map / Hotel Map).

Enjoy our website!

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