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icon info Destination InfoHonduras is an absolutely wonderful country to discover. As a matter of fact, it offers three unique worlds to discover, making a trip here varied in culture, nature and relaxation. The world of Tropical Nature describes the many natural parks and curiosities that one can explore in Honduras. The world of the Maya is best represented by the city of Copan, an archaeological Mayan marvel, where the remains of two Maya queens were unearthed. Finally, the world of Caribbean Honduras has earned the nickname of Banana Republic, which describes the beautiful coastal villages once ruled by banana companies. Also to explore are the Bay islands, particularly the well developed Island of Roatan. The major cities offer a full range of traveler accommodations, ranging from many first-class hotels to a variety of less expensive alternatives. Dozens of fine restaurants offer nearly every type of international cuisine, as well as delicious local dishes. ROATAN: The island of Roatan, the biggest of the three Bay islands, lies in the Caribbean Sea. The nearby barrier reef, the largest one in the Caribbean Sea, is a true gem, making Roatan one of the Caribbean's premiere snorkeling and diving destinations. You will also find some of the most beautiful white beaches around. The town of West End is where you will see the most action. There are bars, restaurants, live music bands, and some locals say the best sunsets. French Harbor has also some good restaurants and resorts. Other towns worth exploring include Sandy Bay, Coxen Hole and Oak Ridge.



  • Mango Inn Resort
  • The Colibri Hill Resort
  • The Lighthouse
  • Utila Lodge
  • Utopia Village

La Ceiba

  • Hotel El Estadio
  • Hotel Rainbow Village
  • Las Cascadas Lodge
  • Palma Real Beach Resort & Villas
  • The Lodge and Spa at Pico Bonito


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